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Lawn Aeration in Sheridan, WY

At TruGreen, healthier, more attractive lawns are our specialty. We believe every homeowner should have the lawn they love. When it comes to our area’s cool-season grasses, our lawn aeration in Sheridan, Wyoming, allows for fuller, greener grass. Aeration improves grasses in all soil types. The procedure gives vital assistance to lawns in our semi-arid, cold winter environment. If you’re ready to enjoy a more vibrant and robust lawn, reach out to us for a consultation.

Also called core aeration, the procedure involves digging up plugs of turf from your lawn in order to reduce what’s called soil compaction. Soil compaction refers to soil that’s become packed down by rainfall and foot traffic. When this happens, your grass’s roots only have restricted access to essential air, nutrients, and moisture, which slows down growth. With our lawn care, though, your soil gets a vital breath of fresh air.

Turn to Us for Superior Lawn Care

Since 1973, customers nationwide have enjoyed more beautiful lawns thanks to our dedication to lawn maintenance. Our lawn care strategies are designed by PhD-holding specialists who take into account everything from the regional climate to each property’s specific soil conditions. The result is what we call our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which is our promise to you that we’ll make your lawn as healthy and attractive as possible.

Do You Want Thicker, Stronger Grass?

Beautiful lawns start with full, strong grass. Our methodical approach to lawn maintenance is timed according to the seasons for maximum effect. Core aeration, when done at the appropriate time, gives your lawn a noticeable boost. By improving root development, our aeration technique ensures your grass looks healthier and continues to thrive.

Contact us when you want a thicker, healthier lawn. We proudly serve our customers in Sheridan, Wyoming, and the surrounding area.

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